Center of excellence



Data Science

The Data Science Center of Excellence is dedicated to support clients into their digital transformation. Our main goal is to unleash the power of data for Insurance, Banks, Pensions funds and Asset Management companies. We aim at enhancing efficiency, fostering adaptability and reducing the costs of processes in this new data paradigm.


  • Development of applications and interfaces mixing both data science and finance expertise to highlight the potential of data from a business perspective. We use varied technologies such as R, Shiny, Plotly, Python, Django, Flask, Tensorflow, SAS, AWS, Digital Ocean, and many others to always provide the solution most fit to the context and the client’s needs.
  • Acquisition and enrichment of data to watch, understand and act on the evolutions of risks, competition, and regulation related to insurance and financial activities. We gather and organize high quality structured datasets of different types (numbers, but also text, documents, images, etc.) to accelerate companies’ external data acquisition and boost their existing practices or services.
  • Missions and project management that cover all the data aspects within the companies’ value chain from data management to models tuning and advice on your digitalization strategy. Our expertise covers machine learning, deep learning, text mining, natural language processing, parsing, etc. but also modeling, reserving, pricing, reporting, and auditing so as to address your challenges with as many assets as possible.
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences by supporting finance and insurance companies in their knowledge and skill growth thanks to our pedagogical material and competences. We develop adaptable training programs in the form of classrooms, workshops, e-learning modules, RMarkdown or IPython notebook tutorials or business cases in order to cover all theoretical and practical learning needs with agility.

Added value

  • We deliver results and not concepts: we do not make data science for the beauty of it, we put in place solid levers to create value and solve problems with data in your company.
  • We give priority to expertise and innovation: we do not use data science as a simple buzz word, we keep up to date with the latest research and methods, and participate in the advancement of analytics for insurance and finance.
  • We attach a great importance to multidisciplinary and agility: we believe in the added value of mixing data science with traditional expertise