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Non-Life actuarial services

The Center of Excellence Non-Life offers cutting edge expertise in methods, tools and models for Non-Life companies, combined with a deep knowledge of market best practices, acquired via our various assignments and surveys. Aside from our assignments, we also propose advanced trainings and tools.

Reacfin can help you to improve profitability through pricing that’s based on deep analysis of the underlying risks and portfolio. Taking into account your strategy (eg. focus on margins or looking for premium, reducing the risks, …) we will help you designing the ideal pricing structure.

Non-Life Centre of Excellence can provide support at all stages of the pricing process, from the data analysis to the final commercial price settings.

Reacfin has developped user-friendly tools and solutions to support insurance company in the different phases of the pricing set up. – see OnlineApp section


  • Data analysis

    You want to extract key variables among the huge sets of available covariates which are now at disposal in insurance companies has become a huge challenge? Reacfin can help you on these aspects using advanced machine learning techniques.

  • A priori pricing

    You want to avoid anti-selection effects ? You want to get the best business at the right price? You want to be competitive on specific risks?

    Non-life Centre of Excellence team has abilities to build advanced predictive models on complex datasets. Our team is familiar with both machine learnings (Regression Tree, Random forest, Gradient Boosting Methods, Neural networks…) and traditional statistical models (Generalized Linear models, Generalized Additive Models, Generalized Linear Mixed Models, Advanced Credibility techniques for experience rating).

  • Geographical Ratemaking

    Geographical analyses the effect of geographical area on risk through a range of sophisticated spatial analysis methods and smoothing techniques.

  • A posteriori pricing

    Reacfin can also support insurance companies in development of a posteriori pricing models using credibility techniques or developing Bonus-Malus scales.

  • Commercial price settings (and pricing optimization)

    In the dispersion analysis phase, the impact of potential pricing decisions on volume, profitability and other key performance indicators are compared. The customer behavioral models (eg. Elasticity and/or conversion models if available), the technical models and the competitor prices are combined together in order to design the most appropriate rate using different scenarios.

Non-life DFA models developments and validation

Whatever the size and complexity of your business, Reacfin can provide you support in the development of you non-life risk model adapted to all your requirements: regulatory (eg. SII, ORSA), organizational, technical and IT systems.

Depending on your activity the right level of model will be retained: standard model, undertaking specific parameters, partial and full internal models. Whatever type of model, it will always include calculation of technical provisions and capital requirements for all risk classes as well as aggregation and consolidation.Reacfin’s teams has long experience in all stages of the model development process:

  • Model design
  • Model implementation
  • Model calibration
  • Model testing and results  analysis
  • Model validation

All our model will be develop to address your challenges but always in a collaborative and transparent manner, providing comprehensive solutions in: actuarial, strategy, marketing, distribution, governance.


Estimating a company’s reserve for future claims payments and premiums, but also assessing the risk which is part of the claims reserves run-off, represent significant parts of the balance sheet of any general insurer.  Reacfin non-life team has acquired an extensive expertise in a wide range of reserving techniques from traditional triangle deterministic approaches to more complex stochastic individuals reserving models.