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Maciej Sterzyński

Dr. Maciej Sterzyński has contributed as a co-author to the development of the Pillar II/Solvency II Directive within the European Commission. He authored a risk management regulation for financial markets in Vietnam, and set up a risk management framework for the stock exchanges in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City. He has successfully been defining risk management frameworks for multiple companies in the Gulf Countries, the Balkans and the EU. 

Maciej is responsible for Qualitative Risk Management in Reacfin, focusing on the development, implementation and validation of this framework in small, medium and large insurance undertakings, banks and investment funds. His key expertise is built around risk governance & risk strategy/policy, risk appetite, ORSA/ICAAP, model management & organisation as well as validation governance & organisation and operational risk management.

Maciej leads various national and international projects implementing both regulatory-driven solutions as well as market best practices.

Maciej is a partner in Reacfin and holds an Msc. in Law & Economy (Summa Cum Laude) as well as a PhD in Finance (Summa Cum Laude). Besides his long business experience within the insurance, banking and fund/securities management market, Maciej has been actively involved at multiple universities worldwide as a visiting or assistant professor. He has also published a set of articles focusing on risk management solutions from a qualitative point of view.